Past conferences

GBWA Away Day 2016

Learning to be happy (Phil 4 v 11)

Speaker: Ruth Eardly

GBWA Away Day 2014

Living as He lived, Loving as He loved

Speaker: Jane McNabb

National Weekend Conference 2015

"The Lord is his name"

To listen again ...

National Weekend Conference 2013

"Show me your glory" - lessons from Moses

National Weekend Conference 2011

"A believer in the dark"

National Weekend Conference 2010

"Who am I? Woman of God?"

This was held at West Street Baptist Church Dunstable and Julia Jones (Liverpool) was the speaker.

National Weekend Conference 2009

Over 140 women gathered at High Leigh Christian Conference Centre in Hertfordshire for a weekend of excellent Bible teaching as well as good friendship, fellowship and food!

Ann Benton directed out thoughts to Psalm 27 on the Friday evening, and encouraged us to ‘recentre our lives on the Lord’ during the weekend.

Jane McNabb was the main speaker, and brought us valuable lessons from the lives of Michal, Abigail and Bathsheba on the Saturday and Sunday.

Lessons from Michal

We learnt about the nature of true worship from Michal’s life and marriage to David. We were challenged to think about what we are most passionate about, and what place in our hearts God really has.

Lessons from Abigail

Abigail held onto God’s promises despite her circumstances, and this enabled her to step forward in faith, rather than to hold back in fear at a time of domestic and personal danger. Abigail was able to ‘worship from the heart despite the ache in her heart’.

Lessons from Bathsheba

The final session about Bathsheba and David brought us face to face with the potential within all of us for sexual sin. We were helpfully reminded of a number of ways we can protect ourselves and others from falling into sin. We were also reminded of God’s ‘outrageous grace in the face of our spectacular sin’.

The seminars held on the Saturday included sessions on Submission run by Ann Benton, Through the Roof and Me run by Philippa Woodcraft, a singing seminar run by Wendy Fearnley and a seminar sharing thoughts and responses to Lydia Brownback‘s book Legacy of Faith run by Vicki Gardner.

We are very thankful to God for the conference and the blessings we received during the weekend.

Report by Vicki (Bethersden)